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Petabyte-scale data libraries aren’t confined to the datacenter or the tape library any longer.

TerraStor is our data-management platform for the cloud era. Your enterprise works in the cloud, in the datacenter, and on-prem. TerraStor lets you seamlessly manage your geophysical data library across environments, whether public cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid.

Intelligent, secure transport between environments, end-to-end encryption and integrity checks, with single pane of glass management provide an operating platform for modern, mobile geophysical data libraries.

User-Defined Metadata Tags

TerraStor provides a user-friendly and intuitive metadata tagging system that simplifies data organization and querying of data assets. Users can easily create tags tailored to their unique requirements. These tags are intelligently grouped, ensuring streamlined management and easy access to data assets.

Tags can be pre-configured at the system level, automating their generation during routine data ingestions. Additionally, bulk creation of tags is possible through inputting CSV-formatted files, a structured database output file, or using external APIs.

SEG-Y Scanning & Metadata Extraction

TerraStor offers a streamlined and user-friendly cloud-based scanning solution for SEG-Y data. After TerraStor scans a SEG-Y file, the user can interrogate the data using the TerraStor data previewer.

This SEG-Y preview provides comprehensive information, including file name, location, size, EBCDIC and binary header, amplitude histogram, and a graphical representation of all trace header byte locations.

Data scanning tasks can also be automated through external APIs. With TerraStor, users unlock vital information about their data assets, empowering them to make prompt and well-informed decisions.

Integrated Seismic Viewer

Indexed seismic volumes can be transformed into storage-optimized preview volumes during ingestion into TerraStor. These preview volumes are instantly accessible through TritonView, TerraStor's integrated seismic viewer, which allows users to efficiently preview seismic data directly in their web browsers.

These seismic previews eliminate the need to retrieve volumes, enabling users to swiftly assess data quality, make data selection decisions, and reduce network egress fees.

Subset On-the-Fly

TerraStor offers web-based trace-level subsetting for any indexed SEG-Y volume, including stacks, gathers, and nav-merged field data.

Subset operations are efficiently performed in the cloud, eliminating the need to download complete volumes, and thereby reducing network egress fees and download times. Users can specify selections based on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Full volume selection
  • File-based subset
  • Line/SP or polygon-based subset (2D+3D)
  • Entitlements
Multi-Cloud Storage Management

TerraStor seamlessly integrates with leading cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud, offering native support for each platform. Users have the freedom to mix and match cloud regions and vendors, with the convenience of automatic enforcement of storage policies.

TerraStor incorporates intelligent and cost-efficient data routing between different cloud environments, ensuring optimal resource allocation. With TerraStor's built-in cloud agnostic capability, transitioning to another cloud provider becomes effortless, whether it’s for a point-forward change or a full-scale migration.

This capability minimizes the likelihood of a cloud provider leveraging the account owner to their advantage and provides operational flexibility to the TerraStor user.

Flexible Data Transfer Targeting

TerraStor offers great versatility in data delivery choices. Users can import and export data using a variety of mediums, including physical media such as legacy and current tape types, USB hard disks, or network storage systems. For added convenience, TerraStor offers managed shipping and fulfillment services through Triton Data Services.

Additionally, TerraStor has integrated support for electronic file transfer, allowing users to exchange data with third parties effortlessly. This can be achieved through direct cloud-to-cloud transfers or via standard protocols such as SFTP and FTP.

Data Security & Governance

TerraStor prioritizes robust data security measures to safeguard all data assets. With optional AES-256 encryption, data remains protected throughout its lifecycle. Users benefit from Single Sign-On (SSO) convenience through integration with Active Directory and Office 365.

TerraStor guarantees consistent access control and data security across diverse cloud and local environments. Furthermore, policy-based data access control offers fine-grained control over user access rights. Comprehensive logs of every data access event are recorded, enabling thorough auditing capabilities.

Entitlement Management

Understanding data ownership and usage rights are key elements in safeguarding subsurface assets. In TerraStor, users can seamlessly manage data entitlements and preview them using the integrated seismic viewer, TritonView.

The Entitlement Management system can also streamline the data sales process by quickly identifying unlicensed data that is available for purchase.

Multi-Client Data Services

Data Library Mangement

  • We approach data management with the mindset of an experienced librarian. We manage complete data libraries for clients both large and small, and our methodologies allow us to bring order to complex data libraries. Data is thoroughly scrubbed and checked for quality on input to ensure the integrity and usability of archived material. We check new data for consistency with prior releases, and we meticulously catalog and document the entire lifecycle of data assets.


  • Extensive, geospatially aware metadata allows detailed and granular searching and reporting. This attention to detail allows us to help our clients answer their most common data management questions with ease and avoid the overhead of organizing and maintaining a dynamic data library.

  • Our data library management service is powered by TerraStor, Triton’s intelligent and secure cloud data management platform.

Archival & Retrieval

  • We provide industry-leading data archival and retrieval services for clients across the oil and gas geophysical data community. Our software and procedures have been continuously refined for over 20 years to provide the highest level of quality control, record keeping and efficiency. Archived data is meticulously checked for consistency and quality, with extensive metadata recorded. We are experts at archiving, cataloging and retrieving 2D and 3D post-stack data, gathers and field data in SEG-Y and SEG-D formats.
  • Furthermore, we excel in handling an extensive range of supplementary information, including velocity data, navigation, interpretation, gravity and magnetics data, acquisition data, and any other elements integral to the lifecycle of a standard seismic survey.
  • We are experts at reproduction and delivery of seismic data according to customer specifications. Our data delivery workflows allow us to target a wide variety of platforms, formats and requirements, including custom header manipulation, header validation and resampling.
  • Our data archival and retrieval service is powered by TerraStor, Triton’s intelligent and secure cloud data management platform.

In-House Services

Tape Transcription

  • Triton Data Services specializes in magnetic tape media transcription, catering to clients seeking to modernize their legacy media types and preserve valuable data assets while reducing storage costs
  • Our extensive experience spans several media types including 8mm, DLT, 3480, 3490, 3590, 3592 and LTO. Triton works with clients to plan the details of their transcription project including media cataloging and delivery, data quality control and validation, and legacy media end of life procedures. Realistic timelines are agreed upon to ensure deadlines are achievable and met.
  • Value-added service includes updating information in the EBCDIC, binary and trace header formats. Output data can be conveniently ingested into a customer’s cloud-based storage account, copied to a NAS device or modern tape media.

3D Mosaic

Interpretation tasks can be simplified by combining multiple 3D surveys into a single project. Merging datasets improves the geoscientist’s ability to interpret multiple 3D seismic surveys and adds value to an existing seismic database without the expense of data reprocessing.

3D mosaic services include:

  • Grid Re-binning
  • Phase Rotation
  • Frequency filtering
  • Amplitude scale-matching

On-Site/Remote Services

For over two decades, Triton Data Services has been a trusted provider of on-site and remote data management services. Our clients range from small enterprises to large oil and gas corporations. Backed by an industry-leading software utility suite and exceptional back-office support, our dedicated personnel are committed to meeting our clients’ needs. With a wealth of experience, Triton excels in delivering the following services:

  • TerraStor Support Services
  • General Data Management
  • Routine Seismic Data Loading
    • Including challenging, legacy 2D seismic datasets
  • Legacy SEG-Y Data Normalization & Interrogation
    • Standarization of trace header byte location mappings
    • Generation of data quality and consistency reports
  • Interpretation Project Cleanup & Migration
    • Triton’s software suite targets both vendor-neutral formats and vendor-specific formats, so we’re uniquely equipped to help clients convert their projects between platforms, or to help clean up and migrate legacy projects into modern software.


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