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Geophysical data issues are complex.

We develop innovative solutions to help you solve them.

Geophysical data issues are complex.
We develop innovative solutions
to help you solve them.

We understand that every client and project is unique. We use our industry experience, smart technology and attention to detail to create smarter, more effective solutions for oil and gas geophysical data professionals and their specific seismic asset needs.

  • Archival & Retrieval
  • Data Library Management
  • Project Solutions
  • On-Site Services
  • Project Conversion

Archival & Retrival

We provide industry-leading data archival and retrieval services for clients across the oil and gas geophysical data community. Our software and procedures have been continuously refined over 20 years to provide the highest level of quality control, record keeping and efficiency. Archived data is meticulously checked for consistency and quality, with extensive metadata recorded. We are experts at archiving, cataloging and retrieving 2D and 3D post-stack data, gathers and field data in SEG-Y and SEG-D formats, along with all manner of data in associated support information. This support data can include velocity data, navigation, interpretation, gravity and magnetics data, acquisition data and any other asset related to the lifecycle of a typical seismic data survey.

We are experts at reproduction and delivery of seismic data according to custom specifications. Our data delivery workflows allow us to target a wide variety of platforms, formats and requirements, including custom header manipulation, header validation and resampling.

Data Library Management

We approach data management with the mindset of an experienced librarian. We manage complete data libraries for clients both large and small, and our methodologies allow us to bring order to complex data libraries. Data is thoroughly scrubbed and checked for quality on input to ensure the integrity and usability of archived material. We check new data for consistency with prior releases, and we meticulously catalog and document the entire lifecycle of data assets. Extensive, geospatially-aware metadata allows detailed and granular searching and reporting. This attention to detail allows us to help our clients answer their most common data management questions with ease and avoid the overhead of organizing and maintaining a dynamic data library.

Project Solutions

With a rich toolkit developed and maintained in house, we’re experienced in handling all manner of geophysical and geospatial data. We specialize in cleanup and management of 2D and 3D seismic and velocity data in SEG-Y and other industry-standard formats, and in workstation environments such as SeisWorks®, IHS Kingdom®, GeoFrame IESX™ and Petrel™.

From routine data loading to project cleanup and legacy data QC, we’ve seen just about everything. We pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions to do the job right.

On­Site Services

Our people are professional, experienced, and backed by industry-leading tools and back-office support. For two decades, Triton Data Services personnel have been on site at major oil and gas companies, providing data management services and support in a wide variety of roles. From routine data loading to project cleanup, project migration and high-level data management oversight, our people bring the experience and problem-solving ability necessary to get the job done right.

Project Conversion

Our roots are in the interpretation environment, and we’re deeply acquainted with what it takes to set up and maintain a clean project in each of the industry-standard interpretation platforms. Our tools target both vendor-neutral formats and vendor-specific formats, so we’re uniquely equipped to help you convert your projects between platforms, or to help clean up and migrate legacy projects into modern software.

We are a full-service data management firm, comprised of industry veterans and domain experts, providing solutions for issues facing the oil and gas geophysical data community. For the past twenty years, we’ve taken pride in solving the industry’s most challenging data management problems with meticulous attention to detail.

Our client list ranges from the very largest multinational oil and gas companies to small, independent E&Ps and industry-leading seismic data vendors and processors. Every client, regardless of size or project, receives a tailor-made solution, because no two projects are exactly alike. Think we’d be a good fit? Contact us

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